Participants in the Program said

I am so grateful to you and the therapy. I am very stable and happy, I live my everyday life with the same conflicts but with different feelings. Life is so much easier this way, with this acceptance of myself. I am proud of my roots no matter that they are not perfect.
Thank, thank you, thank you. My body, my heart learnt a lot from you and my mind accepted that it works.
I look forward to working with you in any possible way.
With lots of love

I am very grateful and happy that you supported me so much.
I am better now, the subgroup also gave me a lot, although it was very hard to go and be there. I am still facing a few shitty things, but I really feel that something changed deeply inside me, it is very deep, so I cannot tell exactly what, but my friend also told me that I seemed more grounded. And my fiancé also confirmed this change. Perhaps I am really more connected to myself. So I keep working on myself and look forward to the next training.
Thank you so much!