Who might benefit from Sexual Grounding Therapy®?

Sexual Grounding Therapy® is recommended for people who want to:

  • find sexual authenticity and freedom
  • get insights into their own physical and psychological sexual problems and learn to overcome them
  • learn how to support the sexual development of their children
  • learn to acknowledge their parents as the source of their life
  • re-programme their basic patterns about sexuality and relationships into healthy ones
  • learn to regulate themselves as mature sexual beings
  • find deep grounding in their sexuality as the source for love, stability and happiness in life
  • delve deeper into relationship
  • seek fulfilment in a monogamous relationship
  • investigate the consequences of losing a parent through divorce or death

And for professionals who want to:

  • learn how to treat sexual problems of their clients in a professional manner
  • learn how to accompany the sexual development of children they work with
  • gain clarity and a sense of boundary in direct body work, which is especially helpful when working with abuse victims
  • be stable, grounded and self-confident in their work.